Can you build a personal brand if you are not a rock star?

In a fame & celebrity obsessed culture, what are the chances of a violinist to put his personal brand on consumers’ top of the mind? What are his chances to get to the young generation, the digital natives, and to seduce them with an educated cultural offer? What are his chances to reach people who might be interested, but are too busy with following talk-shows and Facebook, and cannot find time for Alexandru Tomescu’s attempt to democratize the classical music?

Aneta Bogdan, Managing Partner Brandient speaking at Alexandru Tomescu’s new DVD launch.

So, if you are not a bad guy (who wants to do bad things with the audience), if you are not insane, you do not undress or swear on stage, you don’t do drugs, you don’t do stupid things—moreover, if you are a violinist playing classical music, you are in love with what you do, you are perfectionist, methodical, polite, sensible, educated, in other words exactly the opposite of a rock star—how can you make your name to mean more than a top musician?

The disarmingly simple advice is to answer the question: what has my brand to offer that is unique?

It is this question that Brandient tried to answer together with Alexandru Tomescu and his team lead by Oana Dragulinescu.

Tomescu’s new photography style is defined by intense black and white portraits and decorative counterpoints.

Obviously, the brand Alexandru Tomescu has to offer to the world more than his impressive technical performance, his concerts and DVDs, even more than a beautiful mind and an educated and congenial spirit.

The brand Alexandru Tomescu is the rebel-perfectionist, obsessed by perfection but also nonconformist in his quest and challenges (which would give him a permanent edge), while his charismatic and innovative spirit enables him to create unique experiences and to lead the audience towards an overwhelming place where classical music meets the spirit of our time, pop culture included.

The artist put a spell on his devoted admirers during the evening at George Enescu Festival.

I would invite you to bet on, and to invest in Alexandru Tomescu brand for at least two reasons:

— He is a real superstar—without the bits of the bad guy rock star—gifted with talent, discipline and style, thus able to offer pleasure, education and aspiration to any audience.

— Alexandru Tomescu will keep evolving into an ever cooler and braver artist, inquisitive, complex and tempted by new experiences and quests, and this is the appanage of those truly unique and that leave a luminous—and audible—trace behind them.

The brand’s visual identity is based on Tomescu’s new signature and photography style. The signature, reflecting the trues spirit of a rebel-perfectionist, opposes a brazen, angular wordmark to a line of fluid, elegant handwriting. Photography is defined by contrast as well, alternating intense black and white portraits with generous negative space, and large images with smaller, decorative counterpoints.

The artist put a spell on his devoted admirers during the evening at George Enescu Festival.

The visual identity is a mark of Cristian Petre, Partner Brandient, and has been implemented with the contribution of our youngest new colleague Bogdan Petcu.


Aneta Bogdan, FCIM, Chartered Marketer
Managing Partner Brandient
September 20, 2013