Branding pe frontul de Est

Branding pe frontul de Est
Ediția în limba română

Written by our Managing Partner, Aneta Bogdan, the book presents the relevant case-studies in marketing and branding and offers an inside look into the Romanian corporate and entrepreneurial milieus.

”Our life would be more lucrative and also more fulfilled and aspirational if we understood that, as the Western brands arrived here before the arrival of the Occident itself, as well the Romanian brands would herald to the West our coming of age.”
—Aneta Bogdan, Managing Partner Brandient

”What is fascinating about the work that my very good friend Aneta Bogdan has been doing for the last dozen years or so is that it seeks not only to create brands in a country in which they had no existence at all for fifty or more years, but that she has done it with such verve, intelligence and creativity. Aneta’s book helps Romanians to contribute to the vitality of Europe.”
—Wally Olins

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